Transfer fees:

A transfer fee of $175 is required whenever a property is sold, whether or not a Resale certificate is not requested,. The Association has legal authority to put a lien against the property if the fee is not paid. The basic fee is waived if a certificate is requested in connection with refinancing only. However, the rush service fee of $100 will still be charged if that service is requested for a refinancing.

The Association will produce the certificate on Form TREC form 37-1 [TAR-1923(9-1-99)] unless otherwise requested.

Buying a home in Bridlewood Estates?

The Homeowners of Bridlewood Estates, Inc. is organized as a not-for-profit corporation under Texas law.  Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1142, Colleyville, TX 76034.  You may view corporate documents, such as Bylaws and Deed Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, and IRS Exemption Letter in the Archives section of this site.

Selling your home in Bridlewood Estates?

The title insurance company will require a resale certificate from the Association which confirms the member's good standing.  Please see below for important information about obtaining a Resale Certificate and related Transfer Fees.

Resale Certificates:

Home sellers, title companies, and realtors please note that the combined transfer/resale certificate fee is $175.

A surcharge of an additional $100 (in other words a total fee of $275) is added for rush service. Rush service means that the certificate is requested for delivery before the end of the second full business day following the day on which the request is submitted. We do not guarantee that rush service will be available.  Of course the surcharge will not apply if we are unable to provide rush service.

We make our best effort to fill requests very promptly, but our only guarantee is to meet the requirement of Texas law that a certificate be provided within ten days of its request. Home sellers should be aware that this fee ordinarily is taken out of the sale proceeds at closing. It is therefore to a seller's interest to require the title company to request the resale certificate as soon as the closing date is set, or to get the certificate yourself and provide it to the title company, so as to avoid the surcharge. 

 The resale certificate certifies that dues are paid up to date on a property, and certifies to certain other information, such as whether any violations of the deed restrictions are known to exist on the property.

Requests for resale certificates should be submitted via e-mail to the Association President at:

Estates of Colleyville

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